Essential Gay Thai

Essential Gay Thai

English is a widely spoken second language in Thai gay community, but nothing is more certain of putting a smile on the face of a local than a visitor making the effort to use a few words of Thai.

With this in mind, our Thai team have prepared a very special set of gay translations, to help you get the most out of your holiday.


Good morning



Thank you

How are you?

What is your name?

You are handsome.

You look very sexy.

You have a beautiful smile.

You have a beautiful body.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Do you like me?

Would you come with me?

Would you like a threesome?

Shall we go to

My hotel

Your place

What do you like?

Top / Bottom / Versatile

Do you have a condom?

Only with condom

Are you in yet?





I am coming.

Have you come yet?

Was that good for you?

Do you need a taxi?

What is you number?

I have to leave now.

I have a boyfriend.


Soi (like boy with "S")

Sa wad dee krup



Kop khun krup

Khun sabai dee mai?

Khun Shue a rai?

Law jung

Khun doo sexee jang

Yim su-ai jang

Khun hoon dee mak

Khun mee fan rue yang

Khun chop pom mai?

Khun ja glap gap pom mai?

Threesome gun mai?

Pai gun ter

Rong ram pom

Baan khun

Khun chop a-rai?

Rook / Rup / Both

Mee toong yang mai?

Sai toong tao nan

Khao khang nai rue yang?

Rail rail

Cha cha

Luek luek

Rang rang

Ja tak laew

Tak rue yang?

Dee mai?

Riak taxi mai?

Ber tho-ra-sap a-rai?

Phom tong pai laew

Phom mee fan laew

La gone

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